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Welcome to the Free Paid Survey List.

Below are some of our favorite paid online survey sites. Please note that the notes in the notes column are estimates based on experience and will vary based on your profile, the amount of surveys each site has, etc...

Link Region Notes
ACOP INT Mainly cash surveys, several per year
Ciao UK Mainly cash surveys, around once a month
Ciao Australia AUS Mainly cash surveys, around once a month
Ciao US US Mainly cash surveys, around once a month
Click IQ US Accumulates points, points convert to cash, couple a month
Cliquer CAN Drawings, not sure of frequency
E-Poll US Points for various gift certificares, one or two a month
Global Test Market INT Points for various prizes, multiple per month
GoZing INT Usually cash, multiple per month
Greenfield Online US,CAN Drawings and cash, multiple per month
Harris Poll Online INT Points for prizes, couple per month
Hotspex INT Points for drawing entries, login to their site to participate
IPSOS I-say US,CAN Cash and Drawings, one or two per month
ItPaysToLearn INT A bit different and unique, login to their site to participate
Lightspeed US,CAN Points for cash, gift certificates or prizes, several per month
Memolink US Points for various prizes, several per month, can login to their site and earn points in different ways as well.
Mindfield Online INT Usually cash, one to two per month
NFO My Survey US,CAN,UK Points for cash, gift certificates, prizes, several per month.
NPDOR INT Drawings, multiple per month
Planet Panel INT Drawings, multiple per month
Six Questions INT Point for gift certificates, prizes, login to their site to participate
Survey Savvy INT Cash, once every other month, great referral program so refer your friends
Survey Spot US,CAN,UK Drawings, multiple per month
Synovate INT Cash, drawings, every other month
The Net Panel US Drawings, cash, multiple per month
Viewpoint Forum US Points for cash, every other month,Need invite from existing member, the link is for an invitation request.
YourSay INT Cash, drawings, several per year